This game was created  for the Global Game Jam 2023

Full Mobile and Controller Support


  • A/D Left/Right to Move, Space
  • Controller:(Left/Right, A)

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Known bugs: 

  • Menu musik not playing  (after you played a round)
  • Menu Particle Effect not playing (after you played a round)
  • Screen sometimes ain't showing all roots

Assets used: 

  • No infos yet!

Game by: Marvin Woelke / MAWO

©NowKnown 2023

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorNow Known
Tags2D, Casual, Controller, Global Game Jam, minigames, mobile, Simple

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Score: 43901
Time: 541,2299 (~9min)
Deep: 5431,779
Pickups: 215

Beat my Highscore ;)


This was a very cool game. I loved the concept of the game a lot!

Thanks a lot for the comment :)
I may improve the game and release a mobile version!