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Hello, i finally release of my video playing the update.

It was a really nice update not only for fixing bug but adding something else ;)

Hope to see more games from you.

Is there any more secrets on the game?


Finally someone found the easter egg, you might be the first person who discovered this. You are very ambition :)

There are no more secrets in this game!

More games will come, but it could still take some time! I'm currently just testing things/ideas also trying something different like creating music.

As a little spoiler:
There will be a christmas game. I actually designed it for christmas 2022 but didn't managed to release it in time. I will finish and release it on 1 of december.
No worries, there will also be games before that ;)

Omg is good that this is the only secret, i fell over the other side of the fence and inspected all the area, i thought the easter egg was the sign on the road tha says no ending.

I cant wait to see more of you and i know more people will be hype with your content.

Falling over to the other side is actually a bug. I didn't fixed it because it always takes some time to release even small bug-fixes (open project, fixing bug,  compiling project, uploading project). Not many players will find the easter egg so  it wasn't a priority.

The sign "no ending" was also added in the new version. I though it might be fun to have this in :)

Here it was very awesome!

Short creepy loved the atmosphere.

Thanks a lot for playing <3


LOVE the atmosphere


This was so fun. Also very creepy. Awesome job!


nice scary

Thanks a lot for playing :)

I like the part where you get stuck in the door xD



love it thank u 


Thanks a lot for playing :)
You are actually my first playtester and discovered a few bugs - thanks :)